Wood Shavings For Animal Bedding

Good wood shavings are soft and warm for use as bedding in animal shelters. They are a safe and consistent option, as the shavings go through a careful screening process. This means that the shavings won’t contain sharp wood splinters which could harm the animal. Wood shavings for bedding are produced when wood such as artificially dried pine or spruce is planed.

We are one of the best supplier of wood shavings, soft and hardwood ( Pine, Spruce, Oak, Birch etc), useful as bedding for small animals, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, and all small animals. For use in hutches, kennels and stables around your farm or for pets in your home


100% Premium quality Pine/spruce/Birch.
Soft flake bedding – No chips or splinters.
Kiln-dried twice, 100% dust vacuumed and essentially dust free.
A thinner flake, optimizing sifting while cleaning, maximizing efficiency.
Fluffier and more absorbent compared to non-molded flake.
The Terpenes are ‘naturally found’ anti-microbial which helps control insect production.
Absorbs ammonia and nitrogen from barn waste more effectively than other species of wood shavings.
Easier to compress making it possible for our 3 cubic foot bag to expand to 10 cubic feet.
Pine reduces Ammonia in your barn, therefore no more smell.
Thinner flakes last longer and absorb more waste – easily sifted leaving the good material.
Packaging maximizes efficiency – grab 4 bags at a time instead of wheel-barrowing from the dusty bulk pile.
No more shaving shelters or tarps needed! Store outside in the elements with confidence.
Accurately calculate your bedding amounts and costs for the year.
Due to increasing efficiency when cleaning, reducing dust clean up, and time when bedding = reduced labour.
Please refer to below for our specification of pine shavings:

– Material: 100% pine
– Moisture: >15 %
– Foreign matter: 0.1%
– Powder: >5%
– Packing style: compress and stuff in Jumbo bag, 22-24 tons/ cont 40’HC


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