Poplar Logs

We offer Poplar Logs, one of my favorites.
Poplar logs are often among the widest logs found on old cabins.
Poplar is an abundant species of wood, it grows straight and relatively knot-free, and it is a joy to hew and notch. These massive logs tend to “soften” in appearance as they age and are quite tempting to caress with the hand as they will not splinter. They are also among the best logs for insulation R-values.
Very easy to work in almost all regards, one of Poplar’s only downsides is its softness. Due to its low density, Poplar can sometimes leave fuzzy surfaces and edges: especially during shaping or sanding. Sanding to finer grits of sandpaper may be necessary to obtain a smooth surface


We supply large quantities and ongoing consignments of predominantly round logs to various export and domestic markets around within Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Product specification

· Moisture: Fresh cut
· Grade: A,B,C
· Diameter: 18cm – 24cm–25%
· Length: 4 meters plus
· Straight all over the length
· Small sound knots accepted
· Sound knots on 1 face accepted (15cm maximum per 3 meters)
· Dead knots deducted
· No frost ring
· No black knots
· No rot
· No holes
· No brown color
· Measurement: Small end, small size under bark•
· Formula: Volume (m3) = (D² X L)/10000
Logs Available : (Spruce, Birch, Oaks, Beech, Pine, Poplar, Eucalyptus, Ash etc)


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